Ruta Siskaite

Swimming Coach


I started swimming at the age of eight years old whilst growing up in Lithuania. Even then I was highly motivated and set myself extremely tough goals. By the age of thirteen I was training ten times a week with Lithuania’s top team to be an elite professional swimmer competing in Lithuanian National Championships in sprint freestyle and medley. Whilst competing professionally, I graduated from the Law School and started to pursue my career in law, which held me back from training for a few years.

Since moving to UK nearly ten years ago, I have rediscovered my passion for swimming and started swimming once again soon becoming a member of Lithuania’s national Masters swimming team. I am a competitive swimmer for many years now, participating in many national and international championships, including World and European championships.

Additionally, while swimming myself I have started teaching all levels of swimming from babies through to a high level of coaching. I taught for many swim schools and clubs and at dozens of private pools across London, which has given me a dynamic range of teaching skills. I’ve been teaching for a number of years and have gained a great deal of knowledge during that time.

In my lessons I focus on individual needs, the precision of the technique to achieve fast improvement straight from the first session. Teaching has become my great love and my lessons are both fun and focused whilst taking place in a relaxed environment. I believe that I help my students to achieve their goals and I do get great feedback.